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Welcome to my official blog! I promise there are trumpets blaring and timpani banging right now - can't you hear it? It's a little bit like the theme from Indiana Jones mixed with the 2001: A Space Odyssey theme or something with that epic type of quality. My goal is to connect with you here every week and bring you interesting stories about Portland and SW Washington and hopefully inject a little bit of education about Real Estate along the way! First of all, here's a little bit about yours truly:

I am a Real Estate Agent, a music teacher, a consultant, a husband, a son, a cat owner, and a lover of food and drinks! Yes, I WISH I could eat all of the time – there is so much great food out there! I am excited to help you purchase or sell your home, and I want us to have a great time along the way!

A little more about me:

  • Married to the most handsome man in Portland
  • Co-owner of two mildly obese gray cats that are annoying, hilarious and adorable all at the same time. (Pictures will happen)
  • I live in the Pearl. Yes I know, it's way too expensive and moderately ridiculous, but I love it!
  • I play the TUBA… yup – the TUBA!
  • I’m a stacker and an organizer – but not a cleaner
  • I never forget song lyrics
  • I am a radio harmonizer – when I’m alone in the car I sing loud and try to sing in harmony to the song - notice I said alone.

So that's some info about me, and I am sure more will come out throughout this process! Since this is my first EVER blog, I figure, aside from just introducing myself, I should probably include something mildly educational so that you leave here thinking I have some sense of intelligence and expertise.

So, let me answer a question I have already heard from many people and clients as I entered the Real Estate Business.

Q: What is the first thing I should do if I want to purchase a home?

A: Before you start looking and get your heart set on a place, contact a loan officer and start the preapproval process. This will focus your search on homes that fit your budget and give you the best buying power you can have when you formulate an offer. Preapproval shows the sellers that you have access to the money you need to buy their home! Now, don't get this confused with prequalification - YES! These are two different terms that people often get confused! Prequalification is when the lender just looks at the surface of your finances to see if you should begin the preapproval process. THIS GIVES YOU NO BUYING POWER IN AN OFFER! For more information, you can check out this great article from REALTOR.COM

So buyers, get out there and find a great loan officer to work with! Never fear, I have I have a few suggestions for you if you don't know where to start. Jacob Maddis at Pacific Residential Mortgage Company serves the greater Portland area! He is young and talented and very eager to help you get the home of your dreams! You can visit Jacob's website by clicking THIS LINK!   Jennifer Cole at Evergreen Home Loans in Vancouver, WA is super savvy, friendly and a whiz with walking you through the process, and she is licensed in both WA and OR! You can visit her website at by clicking THIS LINK!

Brent M Johnson

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