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There is never a time throughout the day that I would say no to "Let's go get some coffee..."  Of course!  I will ALWAYS say yes!  I enjoy well roasted beans in a well brewed cup of coffee more than wine, beer, water...  What can I say?  I am super lucky to live in Portland!  There are so many awesome choices for a great cup of joe all over this city.  I could spend weeks hopping from coffee shop to coffee shop trying them all! It's become almost customary for home buyers to ask about a home's proximity to schools, shopping, restaurants, and yes - you guessed it - coffee shops!  Portland has tons of great local coffee dives that can appeal to even the most stuck-up coffee drinkers!  Yes, I have my favorites right here in my own neighborhood (@PearlPortland), and maybe another time, I will give a shout out to some of them.  BUT... I am also a licensed real estate broker in Vancouver and SW Washington, so today, I spread the love across the Columbia!

***secret....keep reading for some FREE coffee!!!! 

Today, I am going to talk about a wonderful coffee shop I stumbled into in Vancouver, WA called Boomerang Coffee.  The Lead Barista, Makayla Williams started my visit on the right foot with a huge smile and her recommendation of the house special cinnamon latte.  It was not hard to convince me!  I love cinnamon and coffee together, so I tried it!  It was great - not too sweet, piping hot, and the espresso was smooth and bold.  The decor of the place is soft, quaint, and inviting.   I met up with the AMAZING Lisa Miller from Chicago and Fidelity National Title Company, and the space was  great to meet and learn all about the escrow process with her companies!  It didn't take me long to realize Vancouver had a new gem of a coffee shop!  Check it out:


As if the tasty latte and ambiance weren't enough to make me love this place, I discovered the true mission of this business and fell in love!  Notice their motto on the wall above the windows "Generosity Returns."  As I walked deeper into the shop, I realized that they take in gently used, donated items, sell them to the public, and then donate 100% of the profits back to local charities!  It's a wonderful idea and great way to connect the community.  I definitely recommend you head over to their website and learn all about their process and how you can help!  Also, go to like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @boomerangvanwa 

psst... remember when I said something about FREE COFFEE!!!!  Well...

And, just as important - GO THERE!  Buy some coffee, shop in their store, talk to the owners!  In fact, if you go by Boomerang Coffee and show them where you have SHARED this blog post on your own social media wall, they will give you a free coffee with the purchase of a food item!  So yes, your first cup of coffee is free.  I accept your thanks :)

Remember, always ask your Realtor - ME :) - "how close is this house to good, local coffee?"  You must have your priorities straight!

Oh and one last thing - if you made it this far - THANK YOU!  Don't forget to share this post on your own social media platforms.  Sharing is caring!

~Brent M. Johnson


Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my Blog!

My goal is to connect with you here every week and bring you interesting stories about Portland and SW Washington and hopefully inject a little bit of education about Real Estate along the way!